Economic Advantages of PVC Pipes


Rigid PVC Pipes

Economic Advantages of PVC Pipes


Lights, Pipes weigh  1/6th of CI, & GL. and 1/5th of A.C

Saving in handling & transportation cost. Installation is easier.

Inside surface

"Mirror - like" smooth finish


Les frictional loss, savings in pumping costs. (Fuel Saving)

Co-efficient flow ('C'   Value)

150-Remains constant throughout its life

Better flow. More discharge of water

Resistance to corrosion

Good resistance to even strong acids, alkalies or salt solution

Longer life of the pipe. Low maintenance & replacement costs.

Formation of deposits

Absolutely no formation of deposits. pipe bore remains constant  throughout its life

Uniform flow of water throughout. No danger of contamination due to deposit.

Installation technique

Very quick & simple

Reduce installation cost & time.

Material cost


Greater saving in materials cost.


6 Meter


Effect of Rust

Question of rust does not arise

It is rust proof therefore long lasting

Accumulation of
particles forming rust

Very less chance, therefore Diameter of pipes remains unaltered  permanently

Since Diameter remains it gives uniform flow permanently.


Lasts  lifetime

Investment once- lifetime Safety.


Leak proof

Very Quickly



Very low price




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